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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I am an absolute middle class.. no if, no but… day in day out, life is all about sleep, eat, work, shit and repeat. Sometimes down the road, I reckon that if I do not start recording what I enjoy doing in life.. I might just lose it, together with the ever diminishing grey matter…so here I am, join the rank of a blogger, telling you a little extraordinary happenings in my absolutely ordinary life.

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Birds Fly High

Birds flying high up the sky

It was a walk in the park in the morning, saw this phenomenal of hundreds of bird cage raise up high on a flag pole, simulating the feeling of being free in the sky so that the birds will chirp to their hearts content.

Apparently it works, the chirping is non-stop, I cannot understand what the birds are chirping for, so not sure they are happy, but the owners definitely look pleased.

This set me thinking, sometimes man can also be in the state of false sense of freedom not realizing that they are still “caged” and happily singing away. This view from the ground do tell us a lot.

Bird Singing Club😏

Taste of Vietnam

My Vietnamese friends in office often laments the lack of real Vietnamese Pho in Singapore, more often I do not understand what they meant till they point me to this Vietnamese Food outfit call Mrs Pho as a must try for real Vietnamese food.

Finally have an opportunity to visit on of their outlet in Rangoon Road and i finally know what they meant.

Special Beef Combo Pho $11.90

Ordered the Special Beef Combo Pho and also the Mrs Pho Dry Noodle. The Special beef Combo Pho comes with slice beef and beef balls, combine with clear tasty broth comes very close to the ones I have tasted in Hanoi.

Mrs Pho Dry Noodle $11.90

The Dry Noodle, made up of Vietnamese Vermicelli, Barbecue Pork, Spring Roll and Meat Balls. The barbecue pork was made to perfection, with the slightly charred smell makes this an absolutely heavenly dish. Would recommend this dish to anyone who lives dry noodle to give this a go.

The outlet is decorated in a very cosy Vietnamese manner, give the diner a great environment to enjoy a meal. They have 3 branches in Singapore serving slightly dDifferent different menu.

Mrs Pho House
221 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218459


Welcome to Singapore. Haze

1 hour PSI index reaching 209 at 3pm on 14 September 2019, Singapore time.

Haze in Singapore is almost an annual affair save for certain years where the wind assisted to redirect it elsewhere. None more comforting as its our neighbours thats taking the smog.

For readers fresh to the haze scene, 24 hours PSI average reading is taken as a reference point to determine the quality of air. <50 PSI denotes healthy level, 51 – 100 for moderate and 101 – 200 for unhealthy levels.

Whem its at the unhealthy levels, thats where all hell breaks lose, children, elderly folks succumbs to respiratory problems as such schools may be called to be suspended as precaution.

Hotspots from Sumatra (central & southern) and Kalimantan arising from the agricultural fires and also forest fires in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia causing trans-boundary haze to Singapore.

During these period, interesting meme often appears, making fun of the situation like the picture below.

Mimicking the backdrop of a hazy background of a typical ultraman fight.

While there is nothing much we can do, except for staying indoors, giving more business to the air purifier suppliers, we do hope that these fires can be put off soonest and punitive measures are in place to deter future occurence by the slash and burn farmers.

Bigger concern is our wiltering earth, stressed by industrialization, over consumption of resources, such air pollution will just accelerate the demise of our beloved blue planet, now choking. Love our neighbours, love our earth. We will just need to do our part for our own future. 🙏🏻

Meaningful Green

Recycled wine crate as an art piece

It seems to be the trend now, everything recycled, everything green. From paper based straws, shoes made from totally recycled materials (allbirds) to handbags (Looptworks).

Had a chance to meet a guy, an absolute middle class office worker who enjoys recycling as a hobby, transforming waste materials into beautiful art pieces. Wine crates dispose by the bars was pick up by him and made with love into incredible art pieces, disposed furnitures magically becomes beautiful displays.

Started off as buying one of his transformed pieces on Carousell and developed into an ardent follower of his unique form of art.

Wine Crate Pedestals

Ordinary people making wonders with creativity, workmanship made the world a greener place. If you would like to follow his art pieces on sale on limited number, look out for his work on https://carousell.com/jaycee00

Cecil Street Market, Penang

Curry Noodle

Made many trips to Penang, heard many good comments about the food in this food centre but only manage to visit it this round. So this is it, Penangite call it 七條路 (Cecil Street Market). The 7th street in the city, predominently occupied by rows of conservation shophouses. Its a market cum food centre, crowded but stacked with great tasting food.

Tried the famous duck noodle and the curry noodle, can’t missed it because of the crowd in front of the stall. Portioning not big but for RM4, one will not complain. Piled with loads of ingredients, a very fragrant soup base, not overly “lemak” coupled with a home made chilli concoction make this one of my favourite curry noodle in Penang.

Don’t miss the duck noodle soup if you are not game to challenge your ability to take spicy stuff. Chunky pieces of duck meat, drown in aromatic broth makes this a heavenly meal.

After the mains, down yourself with chendol, green bean soup and nonya kuehs to complete the meal.

P/S I have packed the roast pock as a takeaway, crisp crackings with tender pork meat make. You must try it to believe it is the best in penang.😊

Duck Kway Teow Soup

Cecil Street Market 七条路巴刹 40-48, Lebuh Cecil, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


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